ART AND PERSONALITY, 23 of May, 2014

The Role of Artistic Creation in the development of human consciousness


Outlining through specialized research personality and psychosocial factors that influence the creation and then receiving the artwork. It is about important aspects of personality such as: motivation, temperament, attitudes and skills, environmental and genetic factors etc.

Highlighting the active character of human psyche that manifests where artistic creation and reception via a search continues through an emotional need knowledge and diversification. Interest in art through the path of curiosity, the need nicely.

The project proposal for a new orientation in education: through art intervention in the educational process, with an important role in shaping the personality of the students. Art helps us to overcome the appearances, enriches our perceptive and refreshes our register, reveals what is essential, exemplary or expressive in the world and life, having precisely why a formative educational essential.

The issue of new research themes that have their art therapy center, a modern branch of psychotherapy; it helps relieve disorders psihosomnatică home. Equally new is research on the relationship between art and the phenomenon of resilience in cases of mental trauma and beyond.

The work may therefore various aspects of art-personality binomial: social-historical evolution, education through art, art psychology, art therapy and resilience through.

Applications are invited psychologists and psychotherapists, teachers, researchers and students interested in this theme.

The works will then be published in a collective volume with academic recognition. Nominal participation certificates are offered.

Registration of participants is completing registration form.


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